"Smart & Easy:       Puppy course"

You only get 1 chance to do it right the first time!

Learn all the stuff you need to know to make sure your puppy has the best start in life and it's actually ENJOYABLE !

With help from a seasoned expert; "Nancy-Lynn Stoller,  I.A.C.P." for over 2 decades and 100's of happy puppies & humans.


The Awesome K9 Puppy Road Map!

WATCH the lessons

Dive in to our 4 lesson training program for immediate answers. Watch our training videos and download your resources.

Any questions: email us at: [email protected] 


As an awesome bonus for a super limited time, this online course includes weekly live face book video chats with Nancy-Lynn Personally! To get all your questions answered and be a part of a new puppy owners community, to share stories, trials and tribulations with help along the way. 


Success means something different to everyone. We'll help you reach your goal and conquer Your specific problems. We've got you covered!

the best time to start your puppy's training is NOW in the beginning

With the Awesome K9's online puppy course, there is no guess work or getting lost in the shuffle of group classes or stuck in the black hole of YouTube advice. We you get started off right, so you don't have to go at it alone. The first 4-20 weeks of a dogs life will solidify a happy and fun lifetime ahead for BOTH of you.


  • A complete 4-lesson, speed course, packed with info to make sure you do things right!  Successful training starts with the set up before your new puppy comes home.

  • Video and content jammed with important info to start right away.

  •  Bonus check list for items you should have before the puppy comes home, and hazards checklist for added safety from day 1.

  • Bonus training video to show you exactly what to do, so they listen and respect you as their trusted leader.


"Simon and their family were getting their first puppy. They were very concerned to do things right from the start. Their biggest concern was to do things fairly and functionally, so the puppy would learn good habits right from the beginning. Every week they brought questions and brought examples of things they wanted to be sure was a good way of dealing with the puppy. Simon said: “It really is about what and how we present ourselves to the dog. We have learned so much here and are grateful that Winston has turned into a fantastic, smart well-mannered puppy!” "Thank you so much, Nancy-Lynn!!" "

Winston & Simon's family
5/5 stars

"Nancy-Lynn is evidently very experienced and knowledgeable about dog behaviour and how to work with them regardless of breed or size. "

David & Shilah
5/5 starts

"Went to see Nancy-Lynn for puppy training. We learned walking on leash and basic puppy commands. We decided against group training as we felt our girl needed one on one as she was exhibiting behavioural issues that we were not comfortable with and wanted to be able to ask lots of questions. Myrtle felt very comfortable in Nancy`s training area and responded very well to her. We went as a family of 4 and our children were very much a part of the training. Our pup was having health issues which may have contributed to some of her behaviours and Nancy-Lynn was reminding us to ensure all is well with her health and diet before assuming the worst. So glad she took us on and our pup is doing well as a result. "

Nikki Cuglietta
5/5 stars

"Nancy Lynn is just wonderful with dogs. She genuinely loves them, talks so nicely to them and makes things fun. We loved the way she interacted with Whisky and how Whisky responded to her. Nancy Lynn is patient and very generous with her time and you can be yourself with her. She won't judge you. We loved our time with her. More importantly, she did wonders with our very naughty puppy!"

Tushara Williams
5/5 stars

"Awesome K9 lives up to its name! So very knowledgeable and patient. I fully recommend the great service provided by Awesome K9! "

Bob Derro
5/5 stars

"My golden retriever puppy, Hope, is a very high energy dog. She's very affectionate but demanding. Thanks to obedience training under the direction of Nancy-Lynn Stoller of Awesome K9, Hope and I have both learned together and she now walks very well at my side on leash. Pack walks arranged by Awesome K9 have also helped us tremendously. She a star walker in the pack now! Since Hope is now 2 years old, I'm ready to get another puppy and Hope will help me train the new addition. Thanks Nancy-Lynn!!!! Rick"

Rick Scroggins
5/5 stars

"Nancy-Lynn is a wonderful person to work with. She is very patient and kind! She has helped me to overcome some issues with my two dogs by offering basic understanding of obedience as well as awareness of what I'm doing which has an impact on the dogs. She has helped me with my confidence when working with my dogs. This has made a huge impact on some of the issues I was experiencing with them. I would recommend working with Nancy-Lynn paws down!"

Lyndsey Hill
5/5 stars

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